A Beautiful short film that speaks about equality for all

This film was made under the mentorship of Anurag Kashyap during the humaramovie.com and Wassup Andheri Film Festival. The theme given was “The Girl and the Autorickshaw”.

  • DirectorSarvesh Mewara
  • CastVikas Banger, Suhasini, Mannat Ravi, Anil Mange, Sandeep



Zuckerberg and Sandberg with Charlie Rose

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, along with COO, Sheryl Sandberg, recently sat down with broadcast journalist Charlie Rose for an in-depth interview discussing the overwhelming success of Facebook and its plans for the future.

First thoughts from the F8 announcements…

1. Winners: media outlets. Spotify, Hulu, many others. The Open Graph intends to socially enable every possible aspect of your life in as automated a fashion as possible. Who can attract the most eyeballs? The common denominator content providers and big houses.

2. Losers: batch and blast organic marketers. The way marketers are going to get to audiences through Timeline and Open Graph is pretty clearly through Apps. For everything else, you’re going to be using the Ads system. All those Likes and other things? They don’t appear as though they’ll significantly impact this new interface except in the most peripheral of ways.

3. Winners: the popular. Edge Rank has been filtering the real time feed; Open Graph’s new Graph Rank will filter the Timeline and access to eyeballs for apps. Marketing will need to reinforce apps with other channels to ensure their success. If you’re good at marketing, good at building buzz, good at aggregating crowds, you will win.

4. Losers: the entrepreneurs and independents. If you have no budget and/or no capabilities to promote your stuff – whether you’re a content producer, media maker, or developer – you’re pretty much screwed. Everyone else who is a better marketer or has a bigger budget is going to run you over.

5. Winners: the data driven. Over time, you can bet that Timeline and Open Graph data will be made available via API. There’s a huge bounty available for anyone who can crunch massive pools of data and extract insights from it. Imagine being able to do massive data insight gathering from an entire lifetime instead of just a few status updates and likes.

6. Losers: people concerned about privacy. If you thought managing privacy controls now was tough, just wait till you face an entirely new set for Timeline and Open Graph.

Final food for thought: Facebook isn’t doing anything new, data-wise. If you’re creeped out by this, then realize that most of this data is already in their system. They’re simply designing a new way to organize it. Sure, stuff like Timeline and Open Graph will let more parts of your life be socialized, but the vast majority of relevant Timeline data like photos, status, likes, etc. is already in the machine.

What are your initial thoughts and takeaways from the Facebook F8

Watch an American Horror Story Teaser that actually teases

The teasers so far for American Horror Story, FX’s gothic funhouse from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (the creators of Glee), have been lacking in, well, everything. But here is a new one with some actual footage to talk about. And what do we see? A photogenic, nuclear family entering their foreboding new home. (The ShiningRosemary’s Baby.) Decaying twins. (The Shining.) A girl with Down Syndrome warning, “You’re going to die in here.” (Diane Arbus, The Exorcist.) A man in a gimp suit. (Pulp Fiction.) Jessica Lange’s face. (EEK! Scary.)

So it looks like the show will be throwing the kitchen sink at us, people. Are you afraid? There’s more footage on the show’s Facebook fan page.