Sleepbox.. Would you sleep in one of these?

SLEEPBOX provides an oasis for weary travelers with its 3.75-square-meter booth, complete with bed and outlets. The design, originated in 2009 from Russia, by architecture firm Arch Group is patented in Russia and Europe and is currently awaiting approval in the U.S.

Its prototype is currently being tested at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport, Dezeen reported. The unit is made from ash-veneered medium-density fiberboard but future models might use metal or glass-reinforced plastic instead. Travelers can rent their own tiny hotel room from 30 minutes to several hours. The bed, which measures 2 by 0.6 meters, is equipped with an automatic system that changes the sheets when the client leaves. In addition, SLEEPBOX includes a ventilation system, sound alerts, an LCD TV, luggage storage space and wireless Internet.

SLEEPBOX is designed for all travelers, not just those stuck in airports. Arch Group says other possible locations for these units include railroad stations, expo centers, public and shopping centers, and even on the streets in warm-climate countries. To take a full tour of the SLEEPBOX, see the video below.



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