Sanyo Waist Warmer Also a Gadget Charger

Thanks to the brilliant minds over at Sanyo, it will soon be possible to keep your six-pack (or bowl full of jelly) nice and toasty while charging your gadgets.

The ENW-WW2 will go on sale for the equivalent of a little over a hundred bucks in Japan this October, and will hopefully come equipped with a much catchier name by the time it comes to the States before it gets labeled a twenty-first century fanny pack (or all those things will be warming is a full shelf.)

I hope they throw a buckle on it and market it as a high fashion accessory. Wait, that’s actually not a bad idea…Seeing as the warming bit seems to be done by the strap alone, and the power source is an Eneloop battery, I wonder if Sanyo will release the strap as a stand alone purchase. No word on that or on the electrical and thermal numerology relevant to this device, but it’s supposed to go on sale in Japan on October 21 for ¥8000 (~$104 USD).


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