Nike makes ‘Back to the Future’ Sneakers: Give proceeds to Parkinson’s research

We’re still a couple years away to see if the world in 2015 matches up to what Marty McFly and Doc Brown experienced in Back to the Future 2, but Nike is planning to give us a sample of the future by sending Marty’s shoes through time to the present.

Invitations have been sent out by Nike for a Los Angeles event being held today that included Doc Brown’s shades and miscellaneous Back to the Future memorabilia. In addition to the invites, the following video was also released, showing a large inventory of Marty’s legendary Nike Mag shoes.

Considering that Nike patented the Mag’s automatic lacing system in 2010, the future may arrive sooner than we think.

Hopefully this is the first step towards the existence of that awesome hoverboard that we’ve always wanted.


They’re real. They really are!

The Nike Mags are meticulously designed to replicate the same ones used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II, and feature LED lights and an electroluminescent NIKE logo on the strap, rechargeable for up to 5 hours of 80’s greatness.

1,500 pairs of the Mag will be auctioned on eBay, with proceeds going towards The Michael J. Fox Foundation. The auction will consist of 150 pairs being offered daily for 10 days, and will start September 8 at 8:30PM PST. All donations will be doubled as a result of a previous $50 million match given to The Michael J. Fox Foundation.


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